4. February 2011
Total shit madness with Lara.
A brown pealing for Maisy.
Piss fun with Kitty

Amazing new solo adventures from my favourite shit pig Lara. She totally feasts on her own scat and swallows fresh, brown enema juices for desert.
Also new this month: Maisy gets fresh shit from her boyfriend and gives herself a brown face and body peeling plus Kitty is showing us her talents as a golden piss slut.

6. January 2011
Happy New Year
Chris treats a disobedient shit piggy the way he deserves it.
Hard shit games with Lara

Chris prepared for her New Year's party when she found her shit piglett sleeping in her bed. Of course, such disobedience cannot go unpunished so a very special New Year's dinner is served and devoured by the pig.
Also new this month: Lara makes herself compfy in the tub but rather then getting clean she gets dirty - very brown and dirty.

4. December 2010
Scat excess with Ingrid & Chris
Tima's big scat show.

Tima changed her hair color to blonde but my lovely partner in brown crime cerrtainly hasn't changed her craving for dirty games with piss and shit. She pees, shits, licks and drinks with so much pleasure, I cannot get tired of seeing her play.
Also new this month: Very hard scat session pictures of me and Ingrid together with a mutual friend who visits us for regular shit games. He agreed to have pictures taken so I thought you all should also see what a good and dirty time we had.

4. November 2010
Scat Domination with Chris, Phillis Joy & Slave.
Amateur Uta shows her talents as a toilet slut.
An extreme scat show by Lara.

Filth and brown perversion galore this month with a great session by yours truly with fellow scat dome Phyllis Joy and a new slave in an old brewery. Amateur girl Uta shows me her talents as a toilet slut and, what can I say, this girl is a knockout. Also this month: Lara gives a great scat show as she receives straight from the source and gets a good brown fisting untill she climaxes heavily.

1. October 2010
Shit & Piss Toilet Susan recieves from Marc and Lara.
Shitlover Carol eats straight from the source.

Wow, what a filthy, perverted mess. Susan receives shit straight from Marc's ass and enjoys the brown gift with greatest pleasures. She looks so gorgeous with her mouth filles; I just want to smooch her. When Lara joins the fun to donate her delights things get even messier.
Super perverte housewife slut Carol eats fresh shit straight from her hubby's ass.
Unbelievably dirty action..

31. August 2010
Coletta mixes herself a filthy scat and piss cocktail.
Tima - dirty, extreme and orgasmic brown.

Coletta loves to be a filthy, dirty pig. She once told me about her ultimate fantasy to wear a satin bride's dress and then shit herself and mess herself up. Here she expells a shitty enema cocktail and enjoys the lovely mixture. Cheers!
White lingery and brown shit, a great combination. Especially when the shit is coming from Tima's sweet ass. Oh, her shit smelled so lovely that day.

31. July 2010
Kinky scat switch bitch Lara plays with her own shit.
Angie is a submissive scat whore and she is eager to show it.

Lara is a hot scat lady who loves both sides of the game. She can be a great domme and a very eager sub who loves to receive brown and golden from her master or mistress. Just look at her beautiful eyes glimming with delight as she plays with her own shit.
This month also has some hot cips of sub toilet amateur whore Angie playing depraved
scat games with her boyfriend in the toilet. She even cleans the shitty toilet seat for his pleasure.

30. June 2010
Shit & fist games with Chris, Claire & Nadja Shark.

I LOVE SURPRISES! And a big surprise it was when I found a message from Hungarian dominatrix Nadja Shark in my mailbox. She was touring Europe and wanted to meet me—to chat, exchange ideas and... make pictures of her slave being anal fisted. Of course I said yes. She’s a lovely lady; very charming, elegant and perverted. We enjoyed the groaning and moaning of the slave so much as our hands penetrated his gapping asshole digging for dirt. I would love to have her back soon, next time maybe with pictures of her giving that male toilet a hard scat treatment. And you know me, that is something I certainly don’t want to miss.

29. May 2010
Perverted shit cravings with Alexia Cage, Tima and Me.

Lots and lots of fresh shit this month, droping in the eager, wide open mouths of my lovel scat frinds. I donated an especially large portion to lovely tima who climaxed the second she received it in her mouth and tasted my offerings..
26. April 2010
Dirty games with my friend Shitpig and a brown Birthday surprise clip.

My friend Shitpig was eager to receive my brown offerings but had saved his own shit for several days so the feeding soon turned into a dirty feast for both of us. Also new, a special treat from Phyllis from my Birthday.

26. March 2010
Alexia receives fresh shit galore.

Smearing, chewing, swallowing galore with Alexia and Chris. Exclusive new pictures and movies.

28. February 2010
Toiletsex crazy with Chris, Coletta & Mary. New Exclusive Scat Games.

More extreme amateur scat action with lovely amateur Moni and her boyfriend. Piss, Shit and Vomit action in these genuine amateur movies. Also new this month: I pay tribute to some of my favourite porn from the seventies as I train my toilet slave and feed him my fresh brown offerings.

29. January 2010
Shit, Piss and Vomit Games With Henk & Moni.
Toilet Training With Chris.

More extreme amateur scat action with lovely amateur Moni and her boyfriend. Piss, Shit and Vomit action in these genuine amateur movies. Also new this month: I pay tribute to some of my favourite porn from the seventies as I train my toilet slave and feed him my fresh brown offerings.

28.December 2009
Hardcore Scat Action With Newcomers Henk & Moni.
Pervy Shit Games With Mary.

Dutch amateur couple Henk & Moni had a special treat for me. They sent in footage of their filthy scat games after having watched one of my movies. What a treat, and such a turn on to see the two playing hard and dirty just for me and you. Also this month: one of my favourite pic sets ever. Gorgeous Mary pays tribute to Japanese scat movie which I like very much.
27. November 2009
Shit, Piss and Vomit Swallowing Movie.
New Picture Sets with Claire & Chris.

There are few things I find more exciting than seeing a filthy, depraved girl eat her own shit, let it rest a while and then puke it all up, only to eat the stinky mess all over again. What a big turn on. Also new this month: shit smearing and masturbation with newcomer Claire and panty shitting with yours truly.
25. October 2009
New Scat & Piss Pics Featuring Chris, Mary & Alexia Cage.
New Extreme Scat Feasting Movie with Tima.

Tima enjoy a breakfast of a special kind as she wildly enjoy her fresh feces in a very extreme kitchen orgy. I get to train two of my favourite slaves even more when Mary receives my fresh scat and piss as a true toilet slut should and Alexia Cage play for me with her shit while I tried to hold to camera still for as long as I could, resisting tempation to go down on her and feast on her shitty cunt.
26. September 2009
New Scat & Piss Pics Featuring Chris & Alexia Cage.
New Movie - Shit Feasting with Tima, Phyllis & Slave.

More extreme with my French friend Alexia Cage. Needless to say, we both were very eager to see each other again after the hot Parisian toilet session we had when I was visiting the French capital. The idea for this set really came out of the blue, out of a funny moment when both Alexia and me where admiring each others ass in front of a mirror. Come ass to ass with the Scat Queens.
24. August 2009
New Scat & Piss Pics Featuring Chris.
New Movie - Shit Games with Tima, Phyllis & Slave.

I had the pleasure to film one of my favourite scat sluts Tima and Phyllis Joy in extreme scat action. These two girls know how to please ach other with their shit and piss, a pure joy to watch them enjoying their dirty delights. Speaking of which, scat is not my only vice, I also love candy so for my latest photoset I thought it would be intriguing to combine the two. A lovely scat lolipop straight from my well-filled ass.

23. July 2009
New Scat & Piss Pics Featuring Alexia Cage.
New Movie - Shit Games with Tima.

Shitlover Tima delights in playing with her own feces. Watch this gorgeious lady indulging in her favourite perverted activity Tima licking her fresh shit and mastrubating with the scat. What a lovely sight. I just wanted to throw the camera away and lick her brown pussy clean.
Alexia, the brown queen, is back for a very special and highly perverted picture set which yours truly shot in a lovely hotel in Paris close to the Louvre. I prefer the sight of this beauty playing with her slave's shight over the Mona Lisa anytime.

24. June 2009
New Scat & Piss Pics Featuring Chris & Anna.
New Movie - Lisa Eats Shit From The Toilet Bowl

Lots of members wanted to see filthy girl Anna return for more scat play so here we go. I just love the sparkle in her eyes as he chews on her lovely fresh shit.
Let me also introduce Norman, one of my latest play toy. He was so eager to get down and dirty with me, I decided to let him suffer a bit in my little improvised cage so he couldn’t move as his lust and desires wanted him to. I on the other hand could use him, bend him, eat and drink from him just as I wanted. This month's update also has a great new clip featuring Lisa eating her partner's shit straight from a toilet bowl. Of course, Lisa got so turned on by this that she couldn't help but do lots of other naughty things.
23. May 2009
New Scat & Piss Pics Featuring Chris & Tima.

Medical piss and shit games with a new slave object. I love it when is long, pulsating cock squirts fresh piss straight into my mouth. After some pee fun it is time for the main course and I suck his cokc as he shits on me. Tima's latest photo set features some very heavy scat play as she receives a huge load of fresh shit in her wide open mouth. .

23. April 2009
New Extreme Movie "Member Request"
Three New Photo-Sets

Longtime member Hannes had a very special request involving me, my slave and my fresh shit so... how could I resist and not torn his fantasy into reality.
Three new great photosets this months featuring me in a hard vomit session with slave Alex as well as two sets featuring super-hot and very dirty Anna tasting her brown goodies.
23. March 2009
New Extreme Movie "Dirty Scat Talk"
New Photo-Set

Lots of members always write to me that they love extreme dirty talking so here we go. Lisa tells you how she gets off on shits and piss. But, of course, just talking about things is only half the fun so her master soon provides her with his yellow and brown delights.
Also new is a homage to one of my favourite erotic photographers: Gilles B. He inspired me with a lot of ideas, also for this site, so I wanted to make a photo set to pay tribute to him. Of course, I couldn't help making it a little bit dirtier then he propably would have but hey, that's me.

23. February 2009
Behind the Scenes Movie: "Slave Alex"
Featuring Chris, Alexia and Slave Alex
New Photo-Sets

Extreme shit, piss and vomit action with Alexia, Slave Alex and yours truly.I am expecially proud of the photo sets this month. Great locations, slutty rubber gear and, of course, very heavy shit, piss and enema play for the depraved scat fetish freak like me and you. Enjoy!

20. January 2009
New Exclusive Movie: "Shitfucking Lisa"
Featuring Chris, Prettylisa and two slaves
New Photo-Sets Featuring Chris & Mary

Lisa got so turned on kissing me with our slave's scat that she wanted to get fisted by me. Wow, what a tight, yummy cunt she has. This month's photo updates feature lovely Mary in very stilish set inspired by one of my favourite fetish photographers - heavy scat and pee play with Mary and her slave. The next set has me play with my own scat and pee on a gyno chair in a Dome friend's private dungeon.

18. December 2008
New Exclusive Movies: "The Meeting"
Featuring Chris, Prettylisa and two slaves

I am teaming up again with Prettylisa and two obedient slaves (one of them a very feminine TV) for a hard scat and piss orgy in Amsterdam. Prettylisa and fed each other with out delicious feces but there was enough left for our hungry slaves to keep them in line. These movies are exclusive and never seen before.

17. November 2008
New Movies: "Scat Climax" & "Morning Turd"
New Photo-Sets Featuring Tima.

A private session with a scat friend was so hot I decided to turn on the camera at the end to capture my explosive orgams on film for you. I got so turned on licking hit shit smeared asshole and smearing my cunt with shit I came like a vulcano. Also new is a nice clip of me shitting a huge turd in hot close up for your enjoyment. Plus Tima joins me in some kinky roleplay where we give new meaning to the art of bodypainting. Yummy!

16. October 2008
New Movies: "Brown Taste"
New Extreme Photo-Sets Featuring Mary.

Extreme new movies in this months' update. Shit smearing, licking and masturbation as requested from one of my members with a special dedication to him as a surprise.
Also new: two super-dirty photo sets with sweet Mary and me in hard piss and scat lesbian action. Don't miss seeing me and this perverted gal enjoying each others piss and shit.

16. September 2008
New Movies: "Slave Vomit with Sub Alex"
New Extreme Photo-Set Featuring Anna.

Great new moviews in month's update. Extreme toilet abuse of my slave Alex. He is a perfect toilet slut trained to accept all my body has on offer: piss, shit and vomit straight from the source.
Also new: the photo debut of Anna, a busty, super-dirty scat friend I have know for quite a while and now she finally agreed to have some pictures of her scat activities taken. So is so lovely all covered in shit in her kinky bunny outfit. Yummy!

15. August 2008
Two New Movies: "Dirty Toilet Games" & "Rubber Slave"
New Extreme Photo-Set Featuring Mary & Me.

This month's updates has a great clip of me using and abusing a ttoilet slave for me pleasure. I had a great, wet orgasm explosion at the end of this shoot - which you can hear and see in all its glory.The next movie features super-dirty scat action with Yours Truly playing with shit and a toilet till I come. This is one of my favourite cips so far, very dirty and very erotic. And to round thing up, you can enjoy a great photoset with lovely Mary, a filthy slave and me in a scat and piss orgy.

17. July 2008
New Exclusive Movie "Vomit Splosh"
Two New Extreme Photo-Sets

Extreme piss, food and vomit games with a friend who is heavily into messy puke sex. This is one wild, exclusive clip with lots of messy action non-stop.
Also new: I put my fist up my slave's shit-filled ass and feed him with my brown delights in a great photoset taken with one of my submissive friends from France. The second new set has Tima show me her new toy and all the filthy things she likes to do with it. Of course, Tima wouldn't be the famous scat girl that she is without adding a healthy load of piss and shit to the excitement. Oh, she smelled so delicious.

17. June 2008
New Movie "Brown Orgy"
Two New Extreme Photo-Sets

Join Me, Tima and two kinky guys in an extreme scat orgy. Piss & shit galore in this exclusive clip.
Also new: two extreme photosets featuring Yours Truly as well as lovely scat girl Tima in very extreme scat action. I am pleasuring myself with a shit filled condom while Tima and the cameraman indulge in scat and rubber.

23. May 2008
My Website Has Been Reopened

After three years of abstinence from the scat scene I am back. My site has been redesigned and is open again, with thousands of pictures and extreme movies. Here you will find regular news about my montly updates and the dirty treats that have been added to the member section
of my site.



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Enema Ecstasy

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Caviar Doll Clip
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12:11 Min

Showered in Shit Clip

Featuring Chris & Slave - 9:01 Min.
Rubber Shit Clinic Clip
Featuring Chris & Slave
16:59 Min.

Chris Feeds Prettylisa
Featuring Chris & Prettylisa
16:59 Min.



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